ELAX 2019 Topelt Kihi Anti-Fog Snowboard Ski Goggles Talvel Suusatamine Google Ski Prillid, Prillid Mootorsaan Lumi Mask

€10.23 €5.12

Märksõnad: prillid lumi, arktika lumi püksid, klaas mtb, mount lumelaud, skialp, lumi lumelaud, klaas suusatada, mootorsaan jõllitama, kümme mootorsaan, suusa-aatomi.

SKU : k172 Kategooria:parim

  • Raami Värv: Multi
  • Mudeli Number: QUISVIKER
  • Objektiivi Laius: 175 MM
  • Raami Materjal: TPÜ
  • Objektiivi Kõrgus: 90 mm
  • Läätsede Optilise Atribuut: UV400
  • Brändi Nimi: ELAX
  • Sugu: MEHED
  • Läätsede Materjal: Polükarbonaat
  • Läätsede Värv: Multi

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  • Ozguroglu42  — 

    Очки отличного качества! Быстрая доставка!

  • Raelmare  — 

    The seller is a complete liar!!! Sends not at all the lenses that are written in the description! Upon receipt, I was terrible from a rough fake! (((wrote on Ali supporting photo and video facts, opening a dispute-Ali offered a refund of $7.02. I refused and offered to send the lens which the seller posted in the description (photo 2) -Italy!!! Total-Ali closed dispute with full refund of my funds $17.54 !!! Woe-glasses stay with me. But you can not use them for skiing, the lens sucks, you can safely throw out! During the dispute, the seller did not answer the letters and was not on his side of the proposals to resolve the issue!(((Ali store-thanks for understanding!!!

  • Rob Beck  — 

    Thank you very much for the excellent product! It's all on time. The goods are intact. Seller recommend.

  • Pikachu Is Dead  — 

    10일만에 도착..ㅎㅎ

  • Dhlodovic  — 

    fast delivery, good design and top quality except the headband is does a lil bit rattle