42 tk Professionaalne Nahk Käsitöö-Tööriistad, Käsitsi Õmblemine Õmblemine Punch Nikerdamiseks Töö Sadul Groover Kit DIY Praktiline Kuum

€68.50 €30.83

Märksõnad: puidutööstuse puidu vahendid, diy elektron komplekt, komplekt nahast remont, käsitöö diy kit, diy nahk, nahast wuta, leathercraft tööriistad, keskmine, käsitöö, nahast tool, leathercraft tööriist, teenuse käsi-tööriistad.

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  • Komplekt: lisada 42 vahendid
  • Materjal: Teras+Puit
  • Mudeli Number: 42 Tk


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  • Liberety Law  — 

    The goods are excellent! There are no complaints to the seller. It's okay. Neatly packed, complete set. The order was issued and paid for on 01.12.2020, the parcel was sent on 06.12.2020. 11.12.2020!!! Shipping claim (plus-expedited 20 days from seller to buyer) in Russia took a very long time. Had to come up to 24.12 (this order was as a gift for the new year), 30.12.2020, 31.12.2020 and 01.01.2021 there was no postal notice in the box. And then they threw 3 postal notifications from 30.12.2020. I resent the work of the Russian Post.

  • Samborskaya  — 

    On the picture it looks all one piece degelijker out. Hammer bv is on the small side. Gatenponsen are very small, sizes which is not really are common. Further it looks neat out.

  • John Zomer  — 

    Fast delivery, instrument of norms. A hammer with a rolled head, but it's bullshit. Thank you for shipping. Packed OK.

  • 64 Kiril  — 

    Shipment dotarła after 25 days. Includes everything is what is in the pictures. For this price this kit is the most plus.